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NASS 2021 “Existentialism and Embodiment” Program


[Written for and performed at the Celebration of the Other Arts (COToA) Festival, Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania, September 7, 2018, at the Castle Inn.] There is water here. Its flowing under your moldy feet. Do you feel it? The river. People keep talking about it. I know its here, I think. The man who taught […]

Squirrel Hill Blues

T Storm Heter Composed Nov 2018. Posted July 17, 2019 Dedicated to Lori Kaye, who was murdered on April 27, 2019 in the Poway Synagogue shooting, which took place six months to the day after the Tree of Life Shooting in Pittsburg.  Lori rushed the shooter, placing herself in front of her rabbi, saving his […]

Remix and Jazz–My Recent Writings

Check out my article on “Jazz” in the newly released book Keywords in Remix Studies (2017). I explore the history of the turntable in jazz culture and compare it to the history of the turntable in DJ-culture.  Long before DJs learned to create break beaks, jazz musicians would lift the needles of turntables while listening to records in […]

Immigration and Whiteness (ESU, Feb 27, 2017)

Immigration and Whiteness        

Immigration Nation

Immigration Nation By T Storm Heter [Delivered at Stroudsburg rally, “Vigil for Immigrants”, Courthouse square, Sat, Feb 11, 2017]   Someone shouts “go back to where you came from” I came from here Someone compliments me “your English is so good” Thank you, I smile, “your English is good too”   I am immigrant, Aren’t […]

Race, Racism, Whiteness–Why I Write

  As a white dude teaching black studies I’m often asked, “Why are you teaching Black studies?” My friend the philosopher Michael Monahan writes about this question in the beginning of his book The Creolizing Subject. Here are my top five reasons for teaching Black studies: (1) Racism is the most fundamental social problem we face today. […]

Black Noise/White Ears, the book

social distortion pedal, t storm heter 2016   For several years I’ve been researching the subject of jazz and race.  I’m now in the process of writing up my thoughts in book form.  I’m calling the book “Black Noise/White Ears.”  The title is an allusion to the black existentialist philosopher Frantz Fanon, who wrote one of […]

North American Sartre Society, 2016 Call for Papers

#SartreSociety2015 PROGRAM

here is the program for this year’s Sartre Society: NASS 2015 PROGRAM (final)   and here is a map of the area   time for some sartre